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Month: November 2015

Audio Book Update – DJ Holte To Narrate Dark Ages: 2020

DJ Holte

I just wanted  to share some exciting news, DJ Holte has agreed to narrate the audio version of Dark Ages: 2020!

Veteran stage actor, writer, musician, voiceover talent and one-time radio personality, DJ Holte (rhymes with “Nick Nolte”) began his love affair with acting in the 3rd grade. He landed a job at a cable television network, writing and producing on-air elements for their more than 70 million viewers. Since 2013, he’s found himself immersed in the world of audiobook narration and production, which combines the challenges of both voice work and acting. Check out some of DJ’s work on here.

Paris Attack – Who do you blame?


How can one not blame the governments around the world for the tragedy in Paris? Who invaded the Middle East and gave them a reason to spread terror? Who divided and armed them? Who invited them into Europe? Who disarmed the local citizens through useless gun laws? Who grows in power whenever there is an international crisis? Who do you blame? I blame them all.