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Month: January 2016

Dark Ages: 2020 Audio Version Pre-Sale Deal

Dark Ages 2020


To celebrate the completion of the audio version of Dark Ages: 2020 – by the incredibly talented DJ Holte, I’m offering a package deal that will save you some money.

Here is what you’ll get.

  • Dark Ages: 2020, Audio version – $24.95 (Digital download via or iTunes within 5 days of launch – Jan 29th 2016),
  • Dark Ages: 2020, Special dedication and autographed Paperback copy – $18.95 (Retail price + shipping, delivered by Jan 29th, 2016),
  • Dark Ages: 2020, Kindle copy – $2.99 (delivered within 1 hour of purchase),
  • Total Retail Price – $46.89

Listen to the Retail Audio Sample of the book:

Dark Ages: 2020 Retail Audio Sample

You can get the above items for just $29 (shipping included for the paperback copy, audio and kindle copies are delivered digitally) for a limited time only.

Thanks for your support! Please include your kindle email with your purchase.

And a special thanks to DJ Holte for going above and beyond my expectations and bringing Dark Ages: 2020 to life!